Most Popular Home Styles in Denver


Denver’s style of architecture has beautifully evolved over the last century. Bungalow, Tudor, and apartments are all great home style options. However, lakeside and row homes have become the most popular luxury home choice of Denver’s new residents. Lakeside homes provide a gorgeous view of Colorado’s natural beauty, while row homes offer a more modern and city-based lifestyle. Both home styles are built for class, style, and sophistication.


Row Homes – A Contemporary and Classy Choice

Row homes offer a fantastic variety for new families, singles, or couples. They feature upscale style combined with affordability. However, they can range a bit in price. The Denver area has plenty of options for new residents looking for row homes.

Style and Functionality

This classy, yet edgy home style comes in several forms. They’re built with a classic uniform architectural style as the name suggests, with clean and sharp lines. However, each one offers its own unique ambiance and functionality. This ancient building style has origins that date all the way back to the 1600s. Since then, several forms and styles of row houses have emerged. They’re most popular in urban areas just like Denver. Therefore, some people refer to them as townhouses. They can be styled with a sleek, modern, and edgy appeal, or designed with family and function in mind.